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  • MTG Murders at Karlov Manor Play Booster Box

MTG Murders at Karlov Manor Play Booster Box

Barcode number: 195166248905
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Step into a world of mystery with "Murders at Karlov Manor" - unravel clues, solve puzzles, and enjoy thrilling booster packs with rare finds!

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Dive into the enigmatic world of Ravnica with "Murders at Karlov Manor," where mystery and magic collide in a thrilling narrative adventure. Embrace the role of Ravnica's most astute detectives, unraveling a sequence of chilling murders. With each clue you uncover, you inch closer to exposing the cunning mastermind behind the sinister deeds. Is your detective prowess sharp enough to solve the mystery before time runs out?

For those with an insatiable appetite for challenges, "Murders at Karlov Manor" extends the enigma with additional puzzles packed into its products. Sharpen your detective skills and delve deeper into the mystery!

Our Play Boosters are the quintessential pick for an engaging play environment, especially suited for Limited format events. They promise an exhilarating pack-opening experience, with chances to discover multiple Rare cards or even the coveted Booster Fun treatments. A full display of 36 Play Boosters not only ensures an exciting Draft event but also leaves plenty of surprises to enhance the community's enjoyment.

Contents at a glance:

  • 36 "Murders at Karlov Manor" Play Boosters, each containing 14 Magic: The Gathering cards.
  • A mix of 1 Token/Ad card, Suspect Punchout card, or Art Card in each booster, with Regular Art Cards appearing in 30% of packs and Foil-stamped Signature Art Cards in 5%.
  • A diverse compilation in every pack, including 1–4 cards of Rare or higher rarity, alongside a blend of 3–6 Uncommon, 6–9 Common, and 1 Land card, with a Full-Art Land gracing 33% of packs. Plus, one Traditional Foil card of any rarity and a 20% chance of the Land card being Traditional Foil too.
  • Note: Rulebook not included.

This pack is a treasure trove for enthusiasts eager to immerse themselves in the lore of Ravnica, offering both a deep narrative experience and the excitement of discovering rare and unique cards. Perfect for the community looking to combine the joy of storytelling with the thrill of Magic: The Gathering gameplay.