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Phone: 256-202-4781

1 Ordering Process
1.1 How do pre-orders work?

When a customer places a pre-order on our website, they are essentially reserving a product that is not yet available for purchase. To pre-order a product, the customer would navigate to the product page and select the "add to cart" option. They would then complete the checkout process and pay for the item as they would with a regular purchase.

It's important to note that a customer's pre-order will not be fulfilled until the last pre-order item is available. This means that if a customer orders multiple pre-order items with different release dates, their entire order will not be shipped until the last pre-order item becomes available. For example, if a customer orders a action figure with a release date of March 1st and a doll with a release date of March 15th, they will not receive their action figure until March 15th when the doll becomes available as well.

Additionally, release dates for pre-order items are subject to change and may be delayed due to manufacturing or shipping issues. In this case, we would notify customers of any changes to the release date and update their estimated delivery date accordingly.