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  • Magic: The Gathering Murders at Karlov Manor Collector Booster Display

Magic: The Gathering Murders at Karlov Manor Collector Booster Display

Barcode number: 195166244884
$239.99 $159.99 Excl. tax

Unleash the mystery with "Murders at Karlov Manor" Collector Boosters—your shortcut to Ravnica's most dazzling cards and foils!

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Embark on a thrilling journey through the shadowy streets of Ravnica with "Murders at Karlov Manor" Collector Boosters, where each pack is a gateway to mystery, magic, and mayhem. Your players are invited to don the mantle of Ravnica's finest detectives, diving deep into a web of intrigue and danger. Can they outwit the criminal mastermind lurking in the shadows before it's too late?

For those whose thirst for challenge knows no bounds, "Murders at Karlov Manor" offers an intricate tapestry of puzzles begging to be unraveled. Encourage your players to sharpen their wits and solve the mysteries that entwine the very essence of these products.

Collector Boosters are the treasure troves for enthusiasts seeking the pinnacle of Ravnica's magical allure. Dubbed the express lane to the most sought-after cards in the set, each Collector Booster brims with shimmering foils and exclusive special treatments, destined to elevate any collection to legendary status. A full display of Collector Boosters not only ensures a strategic advantage but does so with unparalleled elegance.

Contents breakdown:

  • 12 opulent "Murders at Karlov Manor" Collector Boosters.
  • Each booster is a mini-treasury of 15 Magic: The Gathering cards, including Collector Booster-exclusive special treatments.
  • An impressive haul of 10–12 Traditional Foil cards in every pack.
  • Each pack features 1 Traditional Foil double-sided token, alongside a curated mix of 5 cards of rarity Rare or higher, 3–5 Uncommon, 4–6 Common, and 1 Full-Art Land card. Plus, the elusive Serialized Card appears in less than 1% of boosters.

This collection is a must-have for players eager to immerse themselves in the lore and challenges of Ravnica, offering a rich narrative experience coupled with the excitement of acquiring exclusive and rare cards. Perfect for those looking to enhance their gameplay with style and substance.